Storm Chasing 2011 Highlights

From May 7th to June 4th, 2011, Ryan went on his yearly storm chasing trip in the Plains states as a tour guide and driver with Storm Chasing Adventure Tours ( His group intercepted three tornadoes this year, including a deadly rain-wrapped EF5 tornado near El Reno, Oklahoma.


Storm Chasing Adventure Tours chased multiple supercell thunderstorms during a tornado outbreak in Oklahoma on May 24th. While no tornadoes were seen directly, two rain-wrapped tornadoes were within close proximity near El Reno and Moore.

A supercell thunderstorm formed near the town of Greenfield in Oklahoma on May 23rd. It put down multiple wall clouds and nearly produced a tornado, as evidenced by very tight rotation in one of these wall clouds.

A rapidly rotating wall cloud descended from a storm near Wilson, Kansas on May 19th. A few small finger-like funnel clouds were also spotted.

The Tornado Intercept Vehicle 2 (TIV 2) and's Dominator vehicle met in Pratt, Kansas on May 11th. Local residents and fellow chasers watched as portions of the TV show Storm Chasers were filmed while crews prepared to chase for the day.


5/9 - TVN's Dominator vehicle in Murdo, SD and nighttime tornado near Philip, SD (image courtesy of

TVN's Dominator Vehicle in Murdo, SD Nighttime tornado near Philip, SD  

5/10 - Tour of the Tornado Intercept Vehicle 2 (TIV 2) from the Discovery Channel and IMAX film Tornado Alley in Pratt, Kansas

TIV 2 in Pratt, Kansas Ryan with the TIV 2 in Pratt, Kansas Tour of the TIV 2's interior in Pratt, Kansas TIV 2 interior camera turret
Interior of TIV 2 IMAX camera turret of TIV 2 Storm Chasing Adventure Tours visiting with the crew of TIV 2

5/16 - Visit to Guadalupe Mountains National Park in West Texas

Approaching the Guadalupe Mountains Guadalupe Mountains in West Texas Gudadalupe Mountains in West Texas 

5/18 - Attempted storm development near Seiling, Oklahoma

Having some fun with Van 2 in Oklahoma Storm attempting to develop near Seiling, OK 

5/19 - Supercell near Burdett, Kansas with a history of dropping a brief funnel cloud

Supercell near Burdett, Kansas

5/20 - Forming storms near May, Oklahoma

Storms forming near May, OK   

5/23 - Supercell thunderstorms near Ringwood and Greenfield, Oklahoma

Wall cloud under supercell near Ringwood, Oklahoma Developing supercell near Greenfield, Oklahoma Dying supercell with accelerating outflow near Kingfisher, OK

5/24 - Oklahoma tornado outbreak with rain-wrapped EF-5 tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma

Supercell in Eckly, Oklahoma Deadly rain-wrapped EF-5 tornado near El Reno, OK Tornado damage in Moore, OK Tornado damage in Newcastle, OK

6/1 - Small supercell south of Valentine, Nebraska

TVN's Dominator vehicle preparing to chase in Valentine, NE Storm developing south of Valentine, NE Supercell in south of Valentine, NESupercell south of Valentine, NE Dying supercell south of Valentine, Nebraska Ryan with the TIV 2 in Valentine, Nebraska

6/2 - Supercells east of Minot, North Dakota

Developing supercell just north of Minot, ND Developing supercell east of Minot, NDSupercell development east of Minot, ND Supercell at sunset near Minot, ND
Supercell east of Minot, ND Storm chasing tour guests observe a supercell near Minot, ND Sunset supercell east of Minot, ND Storm chasing vans near Minot, ND

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