Storm Chasing 2010 Highlights

From May 8th to June 5th, 2010, Ryan went on his yearly storm chasing trip in the Plains states as a tour guide and driver with Storm Chasing Adventure Tours ( His group saw eight tornadoes this year, including an EF2-rated stovepipe tornado near Campo, Colorado.


On May 31st, a supercell thunderstorm near Campo, Colorado dropped three or more tornadoes, including a large EF2-rated stovepipe tornado. Ryan was just 150 yards away from this twister.

A classic cone tornado touched down just east of Walsh, Colorado on May 25th, 2010. Storm Chasing Adventure Tours was positioned just east of the Colorado/Kansas border about a mile away from this tornado.

On May 19th, 2010, a large tornado outbreak hit Oklahoma. Storm Chasing Adventure Tours was there in Leedey and Pauls Valley, Oklahoma as tornadoes touched down. The second tornado in Pauls Valley, OK had quite a violent wall cloud and the roar of the tornado was heard.

Central and Northern Oklahoma experienced a historic severe weather outbreak on May 10th, 2010. Storm Chasing Adventure Tours intercepted two supercell thunderstorms with visible rotation. Since the storms were moving at 50 mph or more, it was very difficult to keep up with them.

Ryan was interviewed live via phone on The Weather Channel on May 26th after a pair of tornadoes touched down near Walsh, Colorado on the previous day.

Kevin Harned of WAVE-TV in Louisville and Ryan appeared via Skype from Guymon, Oklahoma on a late evening newscast to discuss the tornadoes that touched down near Campo, Colorado.


5/11 - Aftermath of May 10th, 2010 Oklahoma tornado outbreak

East of Oklahoma City East of Oklahoma City Cherokee, Oklahoma Cherokee, Oklahoma

5/12 - Linear storms near Attica, KS

Near Attica, Kansas   

5/13 - Supercells near Kermit, TX and Brownfield, TX

Supercells near Kermit, Texas Supercells near Kermit, Texas Supercell near Brownfield, TX Supercell near Brownfield, Texas

5/19 - Tornadoes near Leedey and Pauls Valley, Oklahoma (see video above)

Funnel Cloud near Leedey, Oklahoma Tornado on the ground near Leedey, OK Tornado roping out near Leedey, OK Violent funnel cloud near Pauls Valley, OK

5/20 - Brownwood, Texas lightning show

Beautiful supercell structure and lightning near Brownwood, TX

5/25 - Walsh, Colorado tornado (see video above)

Tornado near Walsh, Colorado   

5/31 - Campo, Colorado tornadoes (see video above)

Supercell east of Denver Hail on road after line of storms east of Denver Supercell forming near Bent County, CO
Ryan with Campo, Colorado tornado Ryan capturing footage of Campo, Colorado tornado

6/2 - Colby, Kansas supercell

Supercell near Colby, KS Supercell near Colby, KS Supercell near Colby, KS On the road in East Nebraska

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